Hey friend, how's your prayer life?

Are you hesitant to come before God in prayer?

Are you unsure of what to say when you do?

Is prayer a daunting task or a treasured time of connection?

Has your prayer life gone stale?

Is prayer a struggle - one more good intention that tugs at your heart and eludes your to do list. It can be so easy to feel unworthy of God's time or attention. We put pressure on ourselves to pray for a certain length of time or to use lofty sounding words.

None of that is necessary.

The secret to prayer is realizing that God loves you and He wants to talk to you. Let that sink in for a moment!

He isn't too busy.

You aren't a burden to Him.

There isn't anything you've been through or done that He doesn't already know about.

Let prayer be as natural as taking your next breath.

A Powerful Prayer Approach can help!

This concise yet practical book will guide you to a deeper and more fulfilling prayer life. This simple approach to prayer is a framework, not a formula, for helping you connect in a meaningful way with your Heavenly Father.

The six phases, each starting with the letter A, are:







Use just one phase or all six.

Use them in any order.

Focus on a new phase each week.

This has been a powerful approach in our founder's prayer life, and we think it will energize yours as well.

Purchase the book from Amazon.com or ask for it wherever books are sold!

100% of the proceeds go directly to support the work of the ministry!

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